Sandhill Trek - On The Road

Sunday, October 05, 2003
Roland Tanglao blogs this workshop best... thanks to Lisa Williams for the pointer.

Amazing... I read Doc's blog which is fairly real-time right now. He was sitting right behind me. He notes that the guy he was sitting next to is Dean Landsman who i wanted to meet face-to-face here because I love his sense of humor as displayed on a couple of email lists on which we share membership. So I now I know what the guy looks like!

NewsGator - plug-in for Outlook: Jon udell says it's confusing to process email and news in the same cognitive space because email puts demands on him, but news doesn't.

Sharpreader - one of a number of three pane aggregators.

Waypath - Stephen Dulaney mentions it.

Betsy wants Tivo functionality... trainable and inferential if I get what she's talking about.

Bloglines will publish a list of readers' feeds ?? NetNewsWire

"Nobody normal knows what RSS is."

Reputation systems...

AggregatorCon 2004... Amy asks if there is a market for feature requests?

Privacy issue associated with sharing our aggregator lists... FOAF people call this the "wines versus chains" issue. We can be open about our participation in the wine group, but we want to be very careful to whom we disclose our interst in chains.

Silly interactive comment chat going on right now with Lisa Williams sitting across the room

Mail bucket...

What kind of a conference is this???  
Scott Brodeur, Masslive guy asks that question.

Simple is good. It's about text, it's about content, images are cool too... But flash integration... Audio... Not needed yet.

Persistence, low barrier to entry...

The definition of a newbie is that he's thrilled with the tools...

Martin Roell has joined us on the IRC feed in this session!

Somebody has pointed out that blog migration and portability is perceived as difficult. Joi Ito on the IRC feed says that there are lots of import/export tools... Just Google.

So here's where we are... I'm sitting next to Betsy, Kevin is managing a wireless feed to the web, and a projection of an IRC chat on #joiito where people are tuned into the webcast and discussing it. People I know from online (but not face to face) who are on the IRC chat include Martin Roell and Liz Lawley.

This mixture of the IRC chat and the webcast and the real time face to face discussion is unique in my experience.