Sandhill Trek - On The Road

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Wes Snile For Sure...
I'm hacking and coughing and snurfling and spewing mucous every which way. Rarrrch, hunnch-hucc, kak-kakhuweeze-snurfsnurfsnurf... pass me a tissue will ya? Anyway, if you're still reading posts over here, well, you should return with me now to those thrilling blogs of yesteryear, the thud of hooves, a cloud of dust, a mighty "Hi-hooo Sandhillllll, AWAYYYYY!!!"

I mean, I'm back at my own URL, blogging from Madison, Wisconsin.

This gave me an idea about goofing with Daypop. What if I set up like SEVERAL blogs, and published links one day to a boring posting on my main blog? Could I hit number one on Daypop?

Sunday, August 25, 2002
In Columbia, MO today... going out to dinner with Ben and Ella. Returning home tomorrow. Watch for a pic of Ben and Ella and the tale of the whole terrible road trip back on my main blog on Tuesday. I think I have Wes Snile Virus. I met Mr. Snile in the bar at Gnomedex. There was a cloud of mosq2uitoes in there and dead crows on the floor. I should have known better than to hang out there.

I hope LockerGnome continues to run the small easily assimilated Gnomedex in Des Moines, even though they are clearly ready for a bigger venue. They could call the Des Moines event Down Homedex and have their growing pop cult event at the Moscone center too!