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Saturday, August 24, 2002
I blogged Ev's whole presentation and it got richer and deeper and by the end I thought there was some really informative stuff, then I lost my connection and my last post didn't upload. So forgive me if I don't try to recap it all. It was my most brilliant and witty post ever, but it's in the bit bucket now.

I met Doc Searls
A very nice guy... geekdom is full of nice people in general. I was very pleased to meet the good Doc Searls, and I think I have George to thank. Doc was sitting at a table nearby and I was yakking with a guy named Paul from Minneapolis, and George was table hopping. Soon the two of them showed up and George introduced us and I was just happy. What a great size for a conference. What a marvelous community feeling.

I still don't get why I lost my connection during Ev's talk. Probably just at the outside of the range for the 802.11b. When I blogged from the back of the same room the connection was solid for hours.

Tomorrow on to Mizzou to see if I can suss out who the new University of Missouri system president will be, to discuss blogging as journalism, and incidentally to hook up with Ben whom I haven't seen all summer.

Evan Williams
Ev's mom lives in Des Moines. Ev's just back from the Brazilian launch in Rio.
He enjoyed "signing autographs for Brazilian chicks."

Blogger was launched 8/23/99...

Ev doesn't think blogging is mainstream yet.

Chris Pirillo is introducing Doc Searls...

Linux users... google, 10000 plus servers
Home Depot, like 65,000 cash registers
Amazon saved $70 million or so by converting to Linux
Burlington Coat Factory has Linux on the desktops
Reynolds and Reynolds... auto sales document management
and of course... IBM
1999 IBM was "just assessing" Linux... Linux on Websphere
by 2000 it was everwhere -- peace, love, & Linux

IBM/Sun/HP/Dell... Linux is pervasive... it's in all kinds of tiny devices... cash registers, sprinkler systems... anything that needs a TCP/IP stack...

...aside, watch Jabber it's happening

What Infrastructure Is... 17 easy steps... I've seen this presentation on Doc's Blog!

The origin of warchalking! That was only two months ago!

Nobody owns it
everybody can use it
anybody can improve it

The history of the net is the history of its protocols. Vint Cerf

"Be conservatri

An operating system is just a device driver. Marc Andreesen

Be conservative in what you do and liberal in what you accept from others."

Linux is trees. It's a lot like lumber and business is Paul Bunyan using the lumber.

Lots of designers and builders
What matters is what needs to get done
It's mostly project work
No dominant supplier

What's the Net's nature? The net is a world. Think of the net as a hollow sphere made entirely of the people and resources it connects. -Craig Burton
One of its virtue is the emptiness in the middle.
viz. "The Stupid Network"

"It's all end to end." David Reid

Technology trends start with technologists. The net's founding fathers built it to support civilization. Civilization doesn't move all at the same speed.

The battle between metaphors....
Hollywood sees the net as a plumbing system for intellectual property and other content.
Geeks see the net as a place, a common, where we can not only make culture but we can do business.

The challenge is that hollywood doesn't understand infrstructure that forms and changes faster than they can control it.

Infrastructure supports markets.
"The Cathedral and the Bazaar"

Open and closed on the y axis
proprietary and public domain on the x axis
upper right corner open/public domain tends toward ubiquity...

Proprietary and closed live in the commerce layer
Open and public domain live in the infrastructure layer

EFF/OSI/AOTC/FSF/GeekPAC/Creative Commons

We are at the implementation phase of the cluetrain manifesto now. -- Dave Winer

What can we do about all the DRM DMCA etc bullshit?


Blogs call people on their bullshit.


Check into the Sony PC110 digital video camera

Gnomedex Saturday 8/24/2002
Today's schedule of speakers includes:
Phil Kaplan
Mark Thompson
Doc Searls
Evan Williams
Leo Laporte

I wanna blog Doc and Ev for obvious reasons.

Check out the links to the left for real coverage of the conference. My postings are more personal notes than blog-journalism.

Right now, in the breakout session...
Jeff Orr of Proxim is presenting on Wireless Networking...

All the 802.11a, b, g, i, whatever is the part I probably need to grasp... the part about wireless benefits is transparent... gee, I don't need to put a cable drop on every wall, I can locate anywhere and talk via wireless to the router... that's the easy part.

Wireless Protocols - designed for particular types of data...
PAN/LAN/WAN... PAN example is Bluetooth - personal area network - wireless connectivity around yound your person.
2.4GHz Freq hopping... unlicensed band, no FCC hassles
1Mbps xfer rate
10 meter range

Replaces Infra Red and cable in apps like remote controls, wireless headsets, print adapters.
Microwave oven and cordless phones are sources of interference.

Home RF:
Home applications include computer adapters, cordless phones, audio receivers
2.4GHz Freq hopping... unlicensed band, no FCC hassles
10 Mbps xfer rate
50 meter range

Benefit is that interference is held to a minimum because mnost devices are on the network and their commo is coordinated.
Leaves the microwave oven as the sole source of rf interference in the network

Integrating cordless phones, in the home network without interference is the Proxim facet of specialization in CTI

5GHz 50 meter range extensible via access points or external antennas, up to 54Mbps
Office applications include video streaming, LAN adapters

Jeff claims 802.11a is coming into its own and we should consider using it instead of 802.11b in the near future.
802.11a - 54Mbps in 5Ghz band
802.11b - 11 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz band
802.11c -Mac layer wireless bridging subclause under 802.1d
80211e - multimedia streaming enhancements
802.11f - client handoff between multivendor access points
802.11g - 54Mbps in 2.4 GHz backwards compatible with 802.11b (Jeff says there will be interference issues)
80211i - AES security (replaces WEP)

LAN/WAN - old stuff..

Friday, August 23, 2002
Well... that last post sounded rude.
Sadly George is back on dial-up in his room and I'm in the lobby near the WIFI access point. I wish I was a better tech support guy.

Here in the lobby, Jennifer Goodenow has been kind enough to provide lots of background info on the Merle Hay Mall tricycle sculpture. It has vanished at this point. Anyone with information on the current locatiopn is asked to contact me directly here at Gnomedex and/or via email at

Jennifer is big into Geocaching. Looks like there are a lot of Wisconsin Geocachers (including cache cows).

I Feel Better Already
George's machine is hosed and I didn't do it. BSOD after the Proxim guys did their stuff. We're hanging it up for now.

Why I (Sometimes) Hate Computers and Networking
The Proxim WiFi card doesn't work under NT for George. So we swapped my Linksys for his Proxim, and both of them work fine under Windows Me on my computer, and we can see that the Linksys is working under NT but we still can't get George to connect to the Proxim router. We used DHCP. Maybe they'll tell him he needs an IP number? Maybe not. When things work, life is good. When they don't work, then life kinda sux. George took his NT/Linksys platform over to the Proxim guys who are the authorities on these matters. He should be online in a matter of nano-seconds. But I hope not. If I can't fix it, I don't want it to be an easy problem. It's an ego thing.

If George had a kinder gentler IT staff, they'd fix him up with a dual boot on his laptop so that he could run something friendlier than NT when he's undocked from the Mother-LAN.

What Beth from Microsoft thinks about the mobile world...
Four key components:
1. Actual devices... lotsa form factors pagers, pda, cell phones, etc
2. Connectivity.... Personal Area Network... bluetooth, IRDA
LAN... dial-up, WiFi
From disconnected devices to integrated wireless
3. Software and Services... voice, data access, messaging, alerts
4. dum-dee-dum-dum... Marketing...

"Live from Silicorn Valley!"

Wish I'd said that.

Steve Gibson is talking about Internet attacks... Raw sockets are a next generation more potent tool for hackers to play with.

When I get home I'm typing netstat -an on the XP machine to see who's exploiting it! Am I zombie at the office? I don't think I am at home because I've got a pretty good firewall, but at the office I've got more stuff than I understand... I'm probably a zomboid and don't know it.

August 23, 2002
From Gnomedex... Des Moines, Iowa

Proxim is providing the WiFi... blogger is providing the hosting, and I'm live and online. This is hot. Let's consider this the test post, with more to follow!